Test your website for usability isssues with usability testing

Test your website for usability issues with usability testing

Usability testing is the practice of putting designs to the test with real people to gather information about the user experience – how difficult or easy it is to use the product. 


It’s a great method used to get valuable feedback from users interacting with websites, prototypes, and apps.

Usability testing is in essence a very complex sets of tasks dependable of eachother, so we recommend using one of our selected tools to make your life easier.

Check out our list of 5 best Usability Testing tools

We prepared a list of some of the best options on the market so you don’t have to look for them yourself!

What benefits does
Usability testing bring?

With usability testing, you and your team can discover many of your website’s usability issues.

You can test if your customers can find the information they look for with ease, pinpoint the time it took them to get to the desired information, learn how happy users are with their experience on your websites, and recognize issues, so they can be fixed.

How does Usability testing work?

Set your goals

Prepare tasks for the testers

Choose to moderate or leave the testing unmoderated

Recruit the participants

Analyze & improve

When do you need usability testing?

Try testing for usability issues to check if everything is going as intended 


Website showing some signs of bad UX – abnormally low conversion rates, high bounce rates, or abandonment rates

Where can you test for usability issues?

On an already running website

On a website prototype

Before and after the redesign

Know how to ask the right qustions?

Learn how to with this tutorial